Pastor D. Reed | Sunday 8-8:30am


Sunday 8-8:30am

Pastor D. Reed accepted the call to minister at the age of 12. After graduating high school, he attended Tyndale College to further his ministerial education. Though he was a student there for a time, he attributes most of his biblical learning and ministry training to his late father in the ministry Dr. Charles Alexander. After over 30 years of preaching and ministering Pastror D. Reed has once again answered God’s call. This time to pastor. He says, “I am humbled that God would choose to continue to use such an imperfect vessel to be his spokesperson. I accept his call and I thank him for his mindfulness of me and for his direction.” 

Pastor D. Reed is also an accomplished musician and recording artist. He has written and recorded numerous songs and albums. All of his natural gifts and abilities are brought to bare in his ministry. They all work together to create a unique and fresh approach to ministry.

Pastor D. is a passionate teacher, a powerful messenger and a humble servant of the Lord.